FBI Richmond Citizens
Academy Alumni Association

Welcome to the FBI Richmond VA
Citizens Academy Alumni Association

In 1993 the FBI launched a new initiative in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its inception, the Agency had developed a well-earned reputation for solving crimes and bringing high profile criminals to justice. The FBI had also become a somewhat mysterious organization that many actually feared because of its secretive nature and necessary activities. The Phoenix Initiative was designed to foster a partnership and friendship with the general public. The premise was simple. A group of interested citizens would, after passing certain background checks, be given a multi-week class on the inner workings of the FBI. This became known as the FBI Citizens Academy and was specifically designed to…

  • Project a positive image for the FBI
  • Help develop a better understanding of the community
  • Identify crime issues in the community
  • Increase public awareness
  • Provide education
  • Improve overall quality of life

Since the first class, the Citizens Academy concept has been replicated in various places across the United States. Thousands of people have had the opportunity to participate and upon graduation to become members of the Citizens Academy Alumni Association (CAAA) in their respective areas.

Each CAAA has its own by-laws and identity. While the CAAA is an independent organization, each works closely with their FBI Field Office to make sure that goals and activities are consistent with FBI standards of conduct and integrity. Accordingly, each CAAA operates under a Memorandum of Understanding, agreed upon between the Special Agent In Charge of the FBI Office and the Board of Directors of the CAAA.

The FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBICAAA) has such a Memorandum of Understanding in place. The Richmond Virginia Chapter of the FBI Citizens Academy affords members an opportunity to learn about various issues related to the criminal justice system through a series of Speaker’s Nights sponsored by the local FBI office. The Richmond CAAA also

  • Provides monetary support for all Citizens Academy classes;
  • Makes donations, based on Board or member recommendations, to support worthy causes;
  • Participates in service projects to help the community; and
  • Participates in various collection efforts of food and school supplies to benefit the less fortunate.

Would you like to apply for admission to the FBI Citizens Academy conducted by the Richmond Field Office? Do you know a teenager who would like to apply for the Teen/Youth Academy? You’ll find application details here.

Please consider donating to the FBI Richmond Citizens Academy Alumni Association. Click here for details. The FBI Richmond Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) organization separate and apart from the FBI.

A nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.